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Passion and professionalism

It is a true essence of our activity. EH School is created by people who can’t stand boredom, are still looking for new experiences, want explore world, achieve dreams and have fun in the same time. You think it’s impossible? We’ve been doing it for years We want to give everybody a positive and active attitude to life and encourage to search for interesting ways of spending free time. That’s what we offer our clients. If you can’t stay put, you love adrenaline rush and want to meet people who are similarly crazy as you are - don’t hesitate! Check what we prepared for you and set out with us on an amazing adventure!

Do you dream about skiing or snowboarding in Italy, France or Switzerland? You are willing to take part in a thrilling off-piste skiing trip in Georgia? Would you like to go on a kitesurfing camp abroad or a wakeboarding trip? If you are fond of such types of leisure, check our offer and sign up for one of our trips. Even if you have never tried any of such sports, it’s high time to change it. We offer a skiing and snowboarding teaching, a wakeboarding and kitesurfing training for people in all ages, on different levels of ability.

Sport camps for children and adults - offer for everybody

Our trips stand out as all activities and attractions in particular offers are suited to the needs of a given group of our clients. That way, for example, we provide kids with learning by playing during kindergarten skiing and snowboarding camp, letting their parent relax and have fun on a slope. We organise skiing camps for beginners and advanced learners, so everyone can improve their skills without any pressure. In our offer, you can also find student sport camps, trips for groups, families, and single people, propositions for schools and company retreats.

EH School is an experienced group of people with passion. We will make everybody feel great with us, have time of one’s life and come back home with a lot of wonderful memories. See you then!