The begining

Extreme Homies School was established in 2007 as a snowboard school under the aegis of Polish Snowboard Association and started to promote that sport among children and young people. Our potential has been seen from the first season. We train our participants professionally but also et ease at same time - thit is the way we want to follow in the future. Our snowboard, ski and wakeboard trainings are full of passion and commitment thanks to the love we share for sports and knowledge we have gained on Physical Education Universities. We want to pass on our skills and knowledge to both young and a little bit older participants so they could enjoy snowboarding just as much as we do.

Later, EH School was developing and cooperating with other companies as a duty holder of professional snowboard trainings. But as the number of satisfied trainees was growing bigger and bigger, we’ve decided to take a step forward. After practicing in a travel agency, we’ve established our own travel agency Travel with Extreme Homies with its residence in Mysłowice. Now we are an independent travel company and we organise trips to Poland and abroad including skiing and snowboarding trips to Switzerland, France or Italy. Our offer is for everybody who likes active leisure, great fun and safe, professional training. We offertrips for single people, groups, families, schools and companies. What the most influences the quality of our trainings is small training groups, individual approach, alternative methods of training and learning by playing with the youngest.

Professional sport camps organisation

Our trips are planned according to our interests and skills. Touch with nature while being in the mountains or breath of fresh air at the seaside are unforgettable moments which stay in our minds for a long time. Our staff is a group of professionalists who will make you love snowboard, skiing, kitesurfing or wakeboarding because they do their work with passion. Our aim is to promote and popularize extreme sports. In our group you can find specialists in different sport disciplines, players, instructors and trainers. And there is something that connects them - love for sport and desire to pass on knowledge and experience to others.

EH School is not only a travel agency, but also a Licensed Snowboard School of Snowboard Instructors and Trainers Association of Poland (SITS), ski school, licensed kitesurfing school and wakeboarding school. Group of our Homies, which is constantly growing bigger and bigger, is a prove of our reliability and professionalism.

In our offer you can find